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2010 Spotify Playlist – Update #1

Jul 28 2010 Published by MV under Future Hits,Releases,new entries

Every year, since 2008, I’ve kept a rolling playlist on Spotify of the latest and greatest singles/tunes/tracks of that year. My 2010 list is now up to 140 (relatively) carefully selected gems, which will feed into my annual top 50 in December.

You can subscribe to it by heading here.

I sometimes feel I invest more energy in maintaining these Spotify playlists than I do writing this blog. In fact, scratch that, I definitely do. So I thought I’d spend a bit of time every now again listing the latest additions, and essentially plugging the playlist, because I think it’s pretty good.

Worth bearing in mind that the list is a mixture of
• Brand new shiny cutting edge 2010 single releases. (NB may be a minority given Spotify’s knack for tardiness.)
• Stuff that Spotify has taken quite a while to remember to put up
• Stuff that I missed earlier in the year, or on occasion (with lesser known tracks) in the previous year

Anyway, here’s 10 of the most recently added tracks:

Rose Eleanor Dougall – I Know We’ll Never (acoustic version)
Wonderful lyric-indiepop from the ex-Pipette. This is sitting on the list until the proper version is available.

Princess Nyah – Butterflies (Donae’o remix)
Much prettier than previous releases, particularly with this harp-centric remix.

Everything Everything – Schoolin’
Neither their best track nor their current single, but it is on Spotify.

There are some decent-ish tracks on her poor-ish new record…

Magnetic Man – I Need Air
Covered last week – we love it.

Ost & Kjex – Continental Lover
One of those slightly out of date discoveries. Great stuff though, which sounds a bit like Wild Beasts produced by Aeroplane.

Caribou – Odessa
I’m well behind the times on this one.

Toddla T – Sky Surfing
Good fun.

Karl X Johan – Flames
You know there’s that Myspace genre name “Melodramatic Pop Music” – I think it was invented to define this bit of genius from Sweden (where else?)

Quadron – Slippin’
A 2009 track. A breezily funky, radio-friendly little ditty from Denmark.

Go have a listen over here.

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New Entries 17th February 2008

Feb 18 2008 Published by MV under new entries

Two causes for celebration as a result of Duffy ending Basshunter’s 5-week run at number one. First, the more interesting Miss 2008 does what the less interesting Miss 2008 failed to do, and all of this several weeks before the actual physical release of the single. OK, it’s not wildly original, or even that thrilling, but it sure beats ‘Chasing Pavements.’ More happily though, it also prevents Nickelback getting a UK chart record for the longest a single has been in the chart before making in to number 1. Chad’s still hanging in there at 2 though, so there’s time enough yet. Frighteningly.

H Two 0 ft. Platnum are at 7, and Onerepublic at 11, both on downloads alone, while Goldfrapp and The Feeling both move into the top ten following official releases. Paramore crack the top twenty with ‘Misery Business’ and Simple Plan make it to 26.

Further down the chart, Timbaland‘s ‘Scream’ is creeping up prior to its official release, as is a re-release of early-90s anthem ‘Something Good’ by Utah Saints. REM‘s big comeback ‘Supernatural Superserious’ is already lurking menacingly on the edges of the 40, some weeks before its offical release. Also bubbling under: downloads from Taio Cruz and Out of Office.

The Coral‘s new one falls short at 64, and plenty of other great tracks released in the last week fail to make the top 75 at all.

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New Entries 10th February 2008

Feb 11 2008 Published by MV under new entries

Another week of Basshunter/Nickelback/Adele lockout in the top three. I’m becoming increasingly certain that this is Not A Good Thing.

David Jordan only makes it up to five, despite the single having been around for weeks on download. Shock (/Horror) of the week is mum’s favourites Wet Wet Wet gatecrashing the top ten with the almost non-existant ‘Weightless.’ Mark Brown (and Sarah Cracknell) make it to 11, and the Feeling are at 12 a week before ‘I Thought It Was Over’ hits the shelves.

Despite canceled gigs and the single being a bit weak, Morrissey manages a commendable 15 with ‘That’s How People Grow Up’, but Goldfrapp make it to 18 on downloads alone with the sublime ‘A&E.’

Biffy Clyro prove my ‘fans only’ theory a bit wrong by piloting ‘Who’s Got a Match’ to an indie-impressive 27, but Wacko’s Will.I.Am collaboaration stalls at 32.

Just outside the top 40, French/Israeli newcomer Yael Naim makes an impact with the cutesy ‘New Soul,’ which since it doesn’t seem to have shown up on my release schedule probably deserves a video link:

A couple of misfiring indie re-releases from last week fail to get close to the 40, with Blood Red Shoes managing 64 and Iwasacubscout just 71.

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New Entries 3rd February 2008

Feb 08 2008 Published by MV under new entries

Another week, and the nation is still dancing to Basshunter, apparently. Adele continues to lurk menacingly at 2, with an unpleasant whiff of Nickelback still lingering in the top five.

Hot Chip score a deserved hit with ‘Ready For The Floor’ at 6, and One Night Only prove that the Great British Public do in fact seem to want a teenage Killers pastiche, at 9. Kelly Rowland’s up to 4 and David Jordan continues his inexorable rise, inside the top ten on downloads only.

The execrable Elliot Minor score their biggest hit to date with classico-emo atrocity ‘Still Figuring Out’ making the top twenty, while Mary J only manages 16 with ‘Just Fine.’ Hard-men Urbnri scrape into the top 40 with their latest.

Lots of download-only action in the chart this week, here’s the highlight:

Mark Brown’s advert-jingle thieving ‘The Journey Continues’ is at 24 already, probably largely due to the always-exquisite vocals of the lovely Miss Sarah Cracknell of Saint Etienne. Marvellous.

Kylie’s ‘Wow’ is at 22, and Adele makes it two in the top 40 with old single ‘Hometown Glory’ popping up at 32. Bubbling under, singles from Vampire Weekend and Paramore are inside the top 75 and likely to climb.

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New Entries 27th January 2008

Jan 29 2008 Published by MV under new entries

Surprisingly, Basshunter have managed to hold off the Adele machine for a third week at the top. Miss 2008™ remains at 2, and there’s little movement elsewhere in the chart.

Kelly Rowland is the big mover, with Work up to 7 on downloads alone, and the tedious Jay Sean ambles in at 11, the highest new entry on physical release.

There’s a fair bit of download-only R’n’B action going on, with newcomer David Jordan and not-newcomer Mary J. Blige both inside the top 30. Michael Jackson’s ‘I really need the cash’ collaboration with Will.I.Am is lingering just outside the top 40.

The only other new physical release to puncture the 40 is Bullet For My Valentine’s enjoyably daft Scream Aim Fire at 34.

A particularly worrying incident in the lower reaches: Nickelback’s current stint near the top with the pretty awful Rock Star has led to a truly disturbing comeback. Yes, the really awful How You Remind Me returns at number 65. A joyful day for music, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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