Chiddy Bang – The Opposite of Adults/ Truth/ All Things Go

Jan 06 2010 Published by MV under Releases

In brief: A Philly-based duo comprised of Chiddy (Proto,19, MC) and Xaphoon Jones (Noah, 19, DJ/producer) who “combine elements of indie and electronica with some good ole fashioned spitting” (so they say). What this translates as is popular indie tunes, mucked around with a bit, with some likeable radio-friendly rapping over the top. It’s silly, it’s dumb, but hey, it’s fun.
They say: They describe themselves as “kings of the basement party jam”
Fact: The Opposite of Adults is the lead track on an upcoming EP, and the one that’s been kicking around for ages, and is based on MGMT’s Kids. Truth is a Passion Pit thing, and the actually rather cute All Things Go is (guessed yet?) Sufjan Stevens’ Chicago.
Best Bit: In the Kids refit – ‘Somebody tell Roth that I don’t love college’ probably swings it.

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Catch-up Time! Part 2 – June 2008

Jul 11 2008 Published by MV under Releases

So, so, so.  Sunny, sunny June. A long, hazy, pleasant month with lots of good memories.  And lots of singles to catch up on.  Here’s the pick of them, including Single of the Week cuts from Mystery Jets (again), Frankmusik, The School, Weezer and Ladyhawke (again). Enjoy…

2nd June 2008

Single of the Week: Mystery Jets – Two Doors Down

Despite recent confirmation that they’re still a bit crap live, this is my second single of the week for Mystery Jets this year. While it lacks the subtle charms of ‘Young Love’, it’s clearly a fabtastic pop stomper that throws everything into the mix (including potentially lethal sax solos) and comes out with something that sounds pretty much like Summer 2008 in a box. Sorry Lykke…

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